Our Work

For more than ten years, the Barbary Coast team has provided comprehensive, award-winning communications and community outreach services to public agencies, municipalities, nonprofit and civic organizations throughout the nine-county Bay Area. We take pride in our nuanced understanding of the communities in which we work and our creative approach to engaging stakeholders – from elected officials and neighborhood advocates to youth and the press. Our team has supported communications and public engagement campaigns touching a wide variety of issue areas including transportation and other infrastructure, economic development, construction mitigation, police reform, budget processes, public health, taxation, and bond measures, among others. On behalf of our clients, we provide a variety of services including identity development, messaging, social media campaigns, media relations and media training, collateral development, online stakeholder engagement, newsletter production, meeting facilitation, project ambassador training and deployment, public workshop planning, and more.

Public Relations

From creating messaging campaigns that educate and engage to building diverse coalitions, Barbary Coast Consulting knows how to reach diverse groups of people. We understand that no two audiences are alike and we have experience designing comprehensive communications and outreach strategies that strike the right chords at the right time. We use innovative means to connect with those who are traditionally less engaged in public conversations and have successfully executed such strategies throughout the region.


Community Outreach

You can’t get much from a smoke-filled room, except a cough. That’s not where the big decisions get made these days. Elected leaders don’t want to only hear from a few well‐connected lobbyists or insiders any longer. Smart politicians don’t go against a well‐organized, well‐messaged coalition of their constituents demanding change, even when the guys with the cigars are asking to keep the status quo intact. If you’ve painstakingly built one of those coalitions, you are way ahead of the game.

The challenge is in finding the people who will turn out on your behalf, making sure they’re educated on the issue at hand, and then handling the logistics to ensure that they appear on D‐Day. We’ve knocked on doors and built coalitions for developers, educational institutions, transportation agencies, ski jump entrepreneurs, high‐tech corporations, sports teams, and more.

We help develop messages, materials, and educational programs to make sure that our team is authentically grassroots, not artificial turf. And then we run the complicated process of making sure the voices of our coalition are heard at the right time by the right people.

Strategic Communications

If a tree falls in the forest, can you get anyone to blog about it? We’ve helped get the word out about projects big and small, about developers and dreams, about lawsuits and litigation, about pilots and Pinot. (And not just to bloggers, no.) We’re a boutique media shop, and every one of our press releases is hand‐crafted and carefully targeted to maximize interest and minimize waste.

We’ve gotten national media attention for a group of recently‐minted Master Sommeliers, a cluster of thoughtfully‐designed buildings, a set of innovative governmental health care regulations, and the auction of a pilot’s hat. We’ve achieved local media coverage for victims of discrimination, transportation policy battles, contentious legal proceedings, and victories for local politicians.